March 05, 2020

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September 24, 2019

Unicorn Currency
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Looking for a unique dreamy currency calculator with modern fashion? Yes, 🦄 'Unicorn Currency'✨ is right for you.

🦄 Fabulous kawaii/cool/beautiful/fashionable themes for girls, boys, ladies and gentlemen!

🦄 Adorable unicorns on screen!

🦄 Rainbow colors for free!

🦄 Vivid widget for any occasion!

🦄 Amazing smart transaction!

🦄 Exclusive assistant while traveling!

🦄 Pretty glitter currency calculator!

🦄 Sparkly currency app!

🦄 Ideal tool for for everyday!

What are you waiting for! Just download 🦄 'Unicorn Currency'✨ with no doubt, and forget about those old boring currency calculators. Now you’ll have the prettiest currency calculator that is fun and easy to use!

Choose from varies of unicorn theme backgrounds and enjoy using your new currency app! Complete your collection of stylish unicorn skins with a marvelous unicorn, while 🦄'Unicorn Currency'✨ will make you happier to solve math and currency problems.

Try out the 🦄'Unicorn Currency'✨ today for free, and show friends with your glittering unicorns!

July 03, 2020

Super Calculator

Super Calculator - The Basic & Scientific Calculator with powerful math calculation and complex mathematical equation display. Also, The real-time currency Calculator with more than 150 currencies.


• TOTALLY FREE: Download free, No Ads and Unlimited use for iPad and iPhone with Rotation

• From basic calculation(+, -, x, ÷, %) to advanced scientific calculation(xʸ, √, Sin, Cos, Log, x!,…)

• Support display Complex Expression with result

• Calculate with Degrees or Radians

• Multitasking(Split View) in iPad

• Real-time synchronization-exchange rates when connected to the internet

• Dark theme for low light conditions

• MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: English, Chinese(Simplified & Traditional), Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese